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Our goal at Bolt Athletics and CrossFit Bolt is to provide a

superior training experience coupled with measurable results.

More simply put we want you to have fun while training hard,

walking out the door with a sense of community, accomplishment, and tangible physical benefits. We offer training in the CrossFit methodology and sports performance training for competitive athletes.

We look different, we feel different, we are different. When you stop by you can expect a warm welcome and will witness people of various size, shape and background challenging themselves in an energetic and encouraging environment. What you won't see are treadmills, ellipticals, mirrors, gawkers, unfriendly members doing their own thing, or the general sense of 'blah' associated with most globo-gyms. Our hope is that because of your experience at Bolt, you will no longer dread going to the gym, but dread not being at the gym longer.

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