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Tried my first class that was stated for beginners and it was exactly what it promoted! The coach instructed with great detail so that I wasn’t confused and even corrected my form so that I could do the workout to my full potential without hurting myself. I loved the class and will definitely go back. It was a little more intense than my normal workout routine so I will probably incorporate a class or two into my regular weekly workouts! Thanks for making my first CrossFit experience a great one!

Vasholey Brooks

Cross Fit Bolt was where I was first introduced to crossfit. Since then, I've been to quite a few other boxes, and I can honestly say Matt is a GREAT instructor/coach (probably the best so far). If I still lived in the area, I would be working out at Bolt for sure. He stresses form (which is becoming rare in boxes these days) and took time to explain all the exercises in his introduction course. On top of all that, he has actual experience and background in physical training, not just a Level 1 Cert hanging up in his office. The community and team atmosphere was also great. I really can't say enough good things about Bolt and Matt. Go check it out!

Matt Motley

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This gym is a gem!!!!
I just left the area and this gym after 3 months for work has demanded another move.

I’ve been an dedicated Crossfit Athlete since 2011. I travel the country for work which has afforded me a copious amount of Crossfit Gym drop in’s and/or long term membership.

Bolt is one of the best in:

Programming - VERY well rounded wods. It’s clear a very educated amount of time is involved in the programming here. Of course the owner does the programming . He’s had regional and games athlete’s that he programs for.

Coaching - ALL of the coaches are very attentive to everyone at very class. They understand the mechanics and deliver a healthy positive approach to helping the athletes achieve better form. This has become a rarity as I see little to no coaching in a lot of other gyms

Environment- all of the atheletes aré friendly, inviting and make you feel like part of their family

I highly recommend this box!!!
If you’re in the DFW area it’s a must.

Tom Brocksmith

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